Cannabislnsights Powered by Vividata

Cannabislnsights Powered by Vividata is the only database that projects how consumers view and use cannabis at the neighbourhood level. Based on the Cannabis Study by Vividata, it helps inform governments, retailers and producers looking to enter this rapidly emerging space. The database consists of 335 variables used to build consumer profiles at the postal code level that describe behaviours, preferences and attitudes towards cannabis. By linking this database to our PRIZM segmentation system, or other data products, analysts can see how cannabis consumption aligns with social values, media preferences and more, to inform their policy-making and marketing strategies.

The database is available as an Opticks Vividata add-on, or as a standalone product (a Vividata membership is required). The CannabisInsights flat file is delivered with counts, indexes and percent penetrations for each geography level. ENVISION users can leverage CannabisInsights with trade area maps, segmentation profiles, highlight reports, and executive dashboards.

Below are some additional resources linked for your reference: release notes, variables list, and metadata.

How-to-Read ENVISION Reports

CannabisInsights - Executive Target Group Report - Behavioural
CannabisInsights - Executive Trade Area Report - Behavioural

Additional Resources

CannabisInsights Powered by Vividata Release Notes
CannabisInsights Powered by Vividata Variables List
CannabisInsights Powered by Vividata Metadata

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