Cannabislnsights Powered by Vividata

CannabisInsights Powered by Vividata projects how Canadians view and use cannabis down to the neighbourhood level. The data are based on the all-new Cannabis Study by Vividata, which surveyed 40,358 Canadians ages 19 and over, 21 and over in Quebec. It includes 517 variables that can be used to build a comprehensive set of consumer profiles to better understand Canadian recreational and medical cannabis consumption habits, their reasons for using it and more. 

CannabisInsights tracks data across the following categories:

  • Cannabis Consumption
  • Edible Consumption
  • Medical Consumption
  • Cannabis Purchases
  • Perception, Knowledge, and Information Sources
  • Psychographics

The database is available as an Opticks Vividata add-on, or as a standalone product (a Vividata membership is required). The CannabisInsights flat file contains counts, indexes and percent penetrations for each geography level. ENVISION users can leverage CannabisInsights with trade area maps, segmentation profiles, highlight reports, and executive dashboards.

Below are some additional resources linked for your reference: release notes, variable list, and metadata.

Additional Resources