December, 2019: New Location Tools in ENVISION!

We are excited to launch new location tools, now available in ENVISION. There are several new functionalities that can help you import, manage, visualize and gain insights on current and prospective locations:

  • Import large lists of locations (10,000+ records) with up to 50 additional fields
  • Append geographic hierarchies
  • Filter and query locations
  • Create batch trade areas
  • Edit location attributes with single edits, giving users the ability to re-geocode on the fly
  • Run reports and quickly view key variables to evaluate locations within the mapping interface
    • Run trade area executive dashboards
    • Run QuickStats reports 

Please see the following resources:
Training Calendar: You can register for a webinar or in-class training session. 

Materials to help you use the new functionalities:
Importing Locations
Working with Locations
Reporting on Locations

Please find a video on how to manage your legacy locations below. 

Please also find a video of our new location functionalities below.

 If you have any further questions, please feel free to Contact Us.

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