Mediamark Research & Intelligence (MRI) Profiles (retired)

Mediamark Research & Intelligence (MRI) Profiles helps users better understand consumers based on lifestyle, media exposure, product consumption and psychographic dimensions. Updated annually and based on GfK's MRI Survey of the American Consumer®, the database consists of almost 5,000 variables grouped into 24 categories-from alcohol and apparel to television viewership and travel - and is particularly useful for acquisition and retention programs, media strategy and channel management. MRI Profiles is available for use with PRIZM® Premier, P$YCLE® and ConneXions®.

Below, you will find some additional resources linked for your reference: release notes and variable lists.

Additional Resources:
MRI Behavioral Profiles Release Notes
MRI Behavioral Profiles for PRIZM Premier Variable List
MRI Behavioral Profiles for P$YCLE Variable List
MRI Behavioral Profiles for ConneXions Variable List

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