How do I add a single location?

In ENVISION, you can add a single location using coordinates or address information. You may wish to add a single location manually to an existing location file, or you may wish to import a file containing a single location. Both instances are outlined below.

Manually Adding a Location to an Existing File
Importing a Single Location into ENVISION


Manually Adding a Location to an Existing File
1. In the side panel, click My Data > Locations.


2. In the Location Files page, click the name of the file that you would like to add to.


3. In the Location Details page, click Add Location


 4. Manually enter your location attributes in the new row. 

Note: If you are unsure about the attributes of a specific field, we recommend still placing a value (ex. 0 or N/A) instead of leaving the field blank.


5. Once updated, click Save.


You will receive a notification when the file becomes available for use. Your added location will also be available in the Results page.


Importing a Single Location into ENVISION
Before importing your location, it is important that your file is formatted correctly. Please see How do I prepare data for importing files?

For example:


1. Import your single location into ENVISION the same way that you would import a location file. Please see Importing Locations for more information.

2. In the side panel, go to My Data > Locations, where you will find a repository of your imported locations. 


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