The Nielsen TDLinx® database is a comprehensive database covering more than 850,000 grocery, drug,  mass merchandise, club, gas retail and convenience stores. It is updated continuously and includes information such as annual sales per square foot, store performance compared to a competitor and estimated retail sales volume of all items sold at a retail site.

Additional attributes such as owner, gas, cigarette and liquor reseller and holding company are also available. With TDLinx data, users can compare sales performance and the size of a specific store to a chain overage, understand a chain's ranking in a local market and determine the impact of a new supercenter on area stores.

Below, you will find some additional resources linked for your reference: overviews, definitions and dictionaries.

Additional Resources:
Retail Trade Channel and Sub-Channel Overview
On-Premise Channel and Sub-Channel Overview
Retail Trade Channel and Sub-Channel Definitions
TDLinx Data Dictionary
Gas ACV Data Dictionary

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