Streets & Boundaries (US)

Streets and Boundaries allows users to create highly accurate, publication-quality maps displaying the latest USA census geographies, Nielsen Designated Market Areas (DMAs), postal boundaries, and metropolitan area boundaries. It consists of digital mapping layers from TomTom® for use in our business intelligence platform, ENVISION (base maps created by Esri's ArcGIS Online) or other GIS systems. The data include map enhancement layers such as streets, roads, highways, railroads, water features, and landmarks. Streets & Boundaries files are used for a variety of applications, including geocoding, site selection, target marketing, strategic planning, and product distribution.

In addition to the Streets and Boundaries file, you can now purchase the Points of Interest file as an additional layer to Streets and Boundaries. Points of Interest includes more than 160 attributes about land use, building types, names of businesses, and more. The layer can enhance your analysis by understanding what is close to your locations and the impact they may have on your business. It can also enhance your final maps with additional data about the surrounding area.

What's New

2023 Streets & Boundaries uses the following inputs:

  • Census boundaries from TomTom® using the MultiNet® Administrative 2021.12 product (2020 U.S. Census geographies).
  • Postal boundaries from TomTom using MultiNet Post/MultiNet Post Enhancements 2021.12 product. Metropolitan area boundaries (CBS and CSA) are matched to the  Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Bulletin No. 20-01.
  • Nielsen Designated Market Areas (DMA) from Nielsen using the DMA county assignment changes for the 2022–2023 television season.
  • Streets and other mapping layers are sourced from TomTom MultiNet 2021.12.

Below are some additional resources linked for reference: release notes, metadata, and standard geography codes & names.

Additional Resources

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