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Out & About identifies populations who are becoming more active as pandemic restrictions begin to ease. Discover who is starting to leave home as the economy re-opens, where they are going and at what time of day. Use weekly monitoring reports to compare activity week-over-week or versus the same time last year to provide insights and inform recovery plans. This database is weighted to Population 15+ and is built at the Block Group level, then rolled up to higher-level geographies. It is available by weekpart (Mon–Fri, Sat–Sun, Mon –Sun) and daypart (eight dayparts). Out & About offers two levels of insights – Basic and Add-On:

Basic Insights can help your organization analyze:

  • People moving beyond 0.25 miles from the inferred Common Evening Location (CEL) in any observation
  • The time of day that people are going out
  • The distances that people are traveling
  • How long people are away from home when they are out

Add-On Insights can help your organization analyze:

  • Uses devices’ pre-COVID inferred Common Daytime Location (CDL) to determine the purpose of current movement - are people going to work, school, or other?
  • The general economic or commercial activity - using an aggregation of retail geofences to create counts of devices seen in a shopping behavior 

Below, you will find some additional resources linked for your reference: release notes, FAQs and variables lists. 

Additional Resources
Out & About Release Notes 
Out & About FAQs
Out & About Variables List (Basic)
Out & About Variables List (Add-On)

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