Using MobileScapes Out & About - Activity Trend

You can use the MobileScapes Out & About - Activity Trend tool to identify populations who are becoming more active as pandemic restrictions begin to ease. This tool allows you to discover who is starting to leave home as the economy re-opens, where they are going and at what time of day. Use reports to compare activity week-over-week or versus the same time last year to provide insights and inform recovery plans. For more information about privacy or how this data is collected, please contact your account representative.

Use WalkMe Through to be taken through a step-by-step of this process in ENVISION itself! Click on the WalkMe Through button below to get started!

WalkMe Through


Inputs Required:

  • One or more Trade Areas
  • A Benchmark (base area)

1. Launch the MobileScapes Out & About - Activity Trend tool.


2. Click Next.


3. Select one or more Trade Areas by clicking the check mark mceclip1.png next to it/them.


4. Select a Benchmark by clicking the check mark mceclip1.png next to it. 


5. Select the MobileScapes Out & About data source from the drop-down list.


6. Expand the list to select the data source year. 


7. Select the appropriate variables by clicking the box next to them. You can expand sections to select individual variables, or select an entire section.


Tip: You can search for variables as well if you do not know what section they are found in.

8. Select the benchmark by clicking the check mark mceclip1.png next to it. Use the same variables but select a different time period to compare.


9. Customize the report name and click Create Dashboard. You will see a notification in the bottom-right corner indicating that your report is being created.


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