December 2020: Data Release and Updates!

We are pleased to announce the release of our latest data and several enhancements that have been made to existing datasets, subject to your license agreement. These are listed below.

The following datasets have been released:

Claritas PRIZM Premier - Directories & Distributions
Workplace PRIZM Premier - Distributions
Claritas ConneXions - Directories & Distributions
Claritas P$YCLE Premier - Directories & Distributions
Claritas Net Worth Indicators - Distributions
Claritas Income Producing Assets Indicators - Distributions
Claritas Financial CLOUT
ATM Locations
Bank Branch Locations
CrimeStats USA 
BusinessProfiles USA 
Businesses USA 
TrafficCounts USA 
ChainLocations USA & ChainLocations Canada
Spectra Trade Areas Canada
WealthTrends Canada

Important USA Product Updates: 
The following datasets have been updated:

  • Consumer Buying Power (CBP): To account for behavioral changes stemming from COVID-19, we added an additional step to adjust our control totals by incorporating the first six months of 2020 data published by the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA). We will also provide a restatement of Consumer Buying Power in July 2021, so that a full year’s worth of data from the (BEA) are accounted for in our 2021 estimates. This mid-year restatement will be exclusive to this release.
  • Retail Market Power (RMP): To account for behavioral changes stemming from COVID-19, in addition to the new inputs used in CBP or the demand variables we also incorporated data from the Monthly Retail Trade Survey (MRTS) for the supply variables. Like CBP, data were used for the first six months to create our estimates. We will also provide a restatement of Retail Market Power in July of 2021 that will take into account a full year’s worth of data from the MRTS.
  • Claritas PRIZM Premier: This release will include improvements in urbanicity classifications in fringe areas so that definitions are easier to interpret. As a result, “Metro Mix” is no longer available and “Town” & “Rural” classifications have been grouped together. The new urbanicity classifications are, “Urban”, “Suburban”, “Second City” and “Town & Rural”.
  • Claritas Financial CLOUT: Completely rebuilt for 2021 and based on the new redesigned Claritas Financial Track survey. The roster contains all new variables and the upgraded survey methodology results in better estimates for Financial CLOUT values. 

Important Canadian Product Updates: 
The following datasets have been updated:

  • WealthTrends: The Executive report will be available for Trade Area, customer and Target Group analysis. This new report calculates quarter over quarter growth rates for many WealthTrends variables, which are not available as standard variables in the dataset, and presents users with a quarterly view of average dollar holdings by asset class and debt category to simplify trend analysis.
  • WealthCare: The Executive report will now be available for customers and Target Groups, compared to the existing WealthCare report which is only available for Trade Areas.

To access the updated data in ENVISION USA, please create and activate a 2021 Workspace. To access the updated data in ENVISION Canada, please continue to use a 2020 Workspace.

Accessing New Data Through the SFTP
If you receive these databases outside ENVISION, the data will be delivered to your SFTP account starting on December 17th, 2020. Custom orders may take longer. You will receive an email notification once the data files are ready for you to download. Release notes, variables lists, and other supporting documentation will be included with your data delivery.

If you’d like more information about this update, please contact your Environics Analytics representative, complete our online form or email our Support team at 

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