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August 2021: New Database - ClickScapes

We're thrilled to announce the launch of ClickScapes!

We know that digital is central to your business strategy. Which is why you're going to love ClickScapes, our latest database that provides a new perspective on the digital behaviour of Canadians. Now you can access weekly data on visitors and visits to a broad range of apps and websites, and link these data to EA's 30,000 additional variables for the most comprehensive understanding of Canadians' online behaviour.

ClickScapes captures weekly and monthly web visit browsing behaviours of Canadian consumers across a broad cross-section of mobile applications, individual websites, companies and interest categories. ClickScapes can be used to develop a better understanding of website visitors and to differentiate between web browsing behaviours at home versus away from home to increase the effectiveness of advertising spend. Users can leverage weekly data to perform campaign response analysis or monthly data to assess seasonality impacts on visitor levels. In addition to monitoring weekly visitors, users can identify emerging trends by tracking interest categories across several weekly or monthly time periods.

Review the ClickScapes data page for more information.

Accessing ClickScapes in ENVISION:
Run ClickScapes dashboards and reports in ENVISION through all general-access tools as well as the ClickScapes Trends tool, subject to your license agreement.

Explore the new ClickScapes Trends tool by following this Quickstart.

If you’d like more information about licensing or project work using ClickScapes, please contact your Environics Analytics representative, complete our online form or email our Support team at 


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