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Using the ClickScapes Summary Profile - Time Periods Tool

ClickScapes captures weekly and monthly web visit browsing behaviours of Canadian consumers across a broad cross-section of mobile applications, individual websites, companies and interest categories. ClickScapes can be used to develop a better understanding of website visitors and to differentiate between web browsing behaviours at home versus away to increase the effectiveness of advertising spend. Users can leverage weekly data to perform campaign response analysis or monthly data to assess seasonality impacts on visitor levels. In addition to monitoring weekly visitors, users can identify emerging trends by tracking interest categories across several weekly or monthly time periods. ClickScapes Trends is updated on a monthly basis which allows users to identify and react to emerging trends in web behaviour.

Use the tool to create one or more dashboards, based on the number of ClickScapes variables, for the PRIZM segment composition of visitors for an aggregated set of time periods. When more than one month or week is selected then these time periods are aggregated. For example, if a user selects the months of June and July the report combines the counts for these two time periods for each variable selected.

Use the WalkMe Through below as an on-screen, step-by-step guide for the tool in ENVISION, or refer to the steps below in this article.

WalkMe Through

Inputs Required:

1. Begin by launching the ClickScapes Summary Profile - Time Periods tool. 


2. Select one or more Areas of Interest by clicking the checkmark next to the name of the area. 


3. In the dropdown menu, select ClickScapes - Weeks or ClickScapes - Months.


4. The ClickScapes data is divided by Home Internet and Mobile Network to reflect the source of the web behaviour data. Select one or multiple variables from the list.



  • Tier 1 Interest Categories: Groupings of URLs by high-level category. Websites, apps and companies are organized by Tier 1 Interest Categories in ENVISION however, websites and apps can belong to more than one interest category. Tier 1 Interest Category variables allow you to analyze categorical web behaviour trends for a set of related apps and websites.
  • Tier 2 Interest Categories: Groupings of URLs by a more specific categorization than Tier 1. All Tier 2 interest categories nest within a Tier 1 Interest Category. Tier 2 Interest Category variables allow you to analyze a more granular grouping of related apps and websites.

5. Select a time period. Multiple months or weeks can be selected and will be displayed above the calendar.



  • Home Internet web behaviour is available in ClickScapes starting from August 2020 (Week 31) onwards. Mobile Network web behaviour is available starting from January 2019 onwards.

6. Click Create Report. The report can be found on the Results page.


Visit the ClickScapes data page for more information.

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