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November 2021: ENVISION Area Creation Enhancements

We are pleased to announce the release of significant enhancements to the area creation workflows in both the My Data section and the Mapping interface. Other notable enhancements have been made to the mapping workflows, as well as the addition of a new workspace menu.

New Capabilities:

1. A map-centric area creation workflow located in the My Data > Areas left side panel.


  • Allows for quick access to all area creation options
  • Visualization of the areas
  • Map interactivity

2. Create areas within the Mapping interface.


  • Quick access to all the area creation options within the mapping interface
  • Visualization of the trade areas and map interactivity
  • Seamless transition from creating areas to completing the required map
  • Search option added to search for trade areas by name or tags

3. Variable tree enhancement in Mapping workflows. 

  • Full visibility of variable description 
  • Ability to assign variables to favourite category


4. Suggested title and subtitle when saving and printing maps. 


5. Added font types for map labels.


  • Additional customization options for map labels.

6. Quick Access Workspace Menu


  • Quick access to workspaces
  • Seamless transition from one workspace to another
  • Easy identification of current workspace, the vintage, segmentation, and segmentation geographic level

Access Functionality in ENVISION:

For instructions on how to create areas using the newest enhancements, please review the Creating Custom Areas Using a Map QuickStart guide. 


If you’d like more information about this update, please contact your Environics Analytics representative, complete our online form or email our Support team at 


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