Highlights - DemoStats Reports

The following article contains the How-to-Read technical documents to understand the Highlights - DemoStats dashboard reports. Check out the DemoStats data page to learn more.

Highlights - DemoStats - Customers Report

This is a customer weighted report. It is used to identify a first approximation of descriptors of your customers. It reflects the distribution of customers across demographic variables in areas where the customers are found. That means that the customer weighted report analyzes the neighbourhood in which the customer falls and assigns the customers the same distribution of the variables in that neighbourhood.

Highlights - DemoStats - Trade Area Report

A one-page summary of key demographic variables in a Trade Area and a map. Helps answer the questions: What are the demographics of the Trade Areas around my store locations? How do the demographics in my Trade Area compare with the general Canadian population? What is the homeowner vs renter breakdown in my Trade Area?

Highlights - DemoStats - Target Group Report

A list of variables ranked based on the presence of your Target Groups. These reports help answer questions like: What is the demographic makeup of my Target Groups? In which neighbourhoods are my Target Groups most prominent? Please see Creating Target Sets for more information.
Note: A collection of Target Groups is referred to as a Target Set.

Highlights - DemoStats - Variable Report

This is a variable weighted report; it analyzes the neighbourhoods (dissemination areas) where you find projected variable households, weights the demographics of the neighbourhoods and compares those demographics to the benchmark demographics. The Highlights - DemoStats - Variable report helps answer the question: What are the key demographics for the variable of interest?

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