Highlights - Numeris Reports

The following article contains How-to-Read technical documents to help you understand the Highlights - Numeris dashboard reports.

Highlights - Numeris - Customers - Report

This is a customer weighted report. It is used to identify a first approximation of descriptors of your customers. It reflects the distribution of customers across behavioral variables in areas where the customers are found. This means that the customer-weighted report analyzes the neighbourhood in which the customer falls and assigns the customers the same distribution of the variables in that neighbourhood.

Highlights - Numeris - Target Group - Report

A list of media variables ranked based on the presence of your Target Group. These reports help answer questions like: What are the media preferences of my Target Group? How heavily does my Target Group consume media and what channels would they be the most responsive to? Where should advertising budgets be focused? A collection of Target Groups is referred to as a Target Set.

Note: Quintile bands are used to categorize media usage, they are broken out by heavy, medium/heavy, medium, medium/light and light usage.