Profile Reports

The following article contains the How-to-Read technical documents to help you understand the Profile report dashboards.

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Profile Trade Area Report (with Bar Chart)

The segment composition of your trade area. Helps answer the questions: Which segments are in my Trade Area? What social groups do the segments in my area belong to? What lifestage do the high-index segments in my Trade Area belong to?

Profile Customers Report (with Bar Chart)

The segment composition of your customers. Helps answer the questions: What segments do my customers belong to? Who are my best customers?

Profile Variable Report, Standard Benchmark (with Bar Chart)

The segment composition of a Variable. Helps answer the questions: What is the segment composition of a survey variable? Which segments are more likely to watch baseball games? What are the top 3 segments, by index, for creating YouTube videos?

Profile Variable Report, Variable Benchmark (with Bar Chart)

The segmentation profile of a variable, based on the segmentation system chosen in your current workspace. Compares an entire variable to a base variable, of which it is a subset. For example, you may want to compare the segments of those that have a masters or doctorate degree to a base variable of all those that have a college/university degree.