Ranking Areas Reports

The following article contains How-to-Read technical documents to help you understand the Ranking Areas dashboard reports.

Ranking Areas - Consumption Variable Report

The Ranking Areas - Consumption Variable report helps answer the questions: How do my Trade Areas behave based on a single consumption variable? Which areas are more likely to exhibit a certain behavior based on a consumption variable?

Ranking Areas - Target Group Report

Provides a list of areas ranked based on the presence within a Target Group. This report is helpful in identifying geographic areas that resonate with specific Target Groups.

Ranking Areas - Variable Report

Provides information about the geographic extents that resonate with a single variable. This report indicates the population or households who are more or less likely to exhibit a certain behaviour when compared to the market.

Ranking Areas - Customers Report

Lists the number of customers you have within chosen geographies. It is a preliminary report used to understand where your customers are coming from.