Ranking Variables Reports

The following article contains How-to-Read technical documents to help you understand the Ranking Variables dashboard reports.

Ranking Variables - Customers Report

A list of variables ranked based on the presence of the Customer File. We can say “my customers live in neighborhoods with people who listen to a particular genre of music.” Helps answer the question: Which variables rank higher for where my customers are coming from?

Ranking Variables - Trade Area Report

A list of variables ranked within one or more Trade Area(s). Helps answer questions like: What are the top 3 most popular beer brands in my Trade Area? Which cities do households in my Trade Area like to visit? What are the highest indexing shopping trends in my Trade Area?

Note: The base variable can often be determined by looking in the Basics category of the chosen database.

Ranking Variables - Target Group Report

A list of variables ranked based on the presence of the Target Groups. Helps answer questions like: What radio station genres does my Target Group most likely to listen to? Which magazines are most read by my Target Group? What SocialValues resonate very strongly (or weakly) with my Target Group?

Ranking Variables - Variable Report

This report provides information about some behavior (or behaviors) that are present in an area where a single variable may be present. It presents a comparison between two behaviors or characteristics in a given area. Learn how to run a Ranking Variables - Variable Report (opens in new tab).