MobileScapes Update - October 2023

As part of our continued efforts to ensure our solutions match the accepted standards in privacy and compliance, we are implementing updates to MobileScapes that will result in some changes to the outputs from both MobileScapes ENVISION and MobileScapes Plus (the API).

The effects of these updates will include:

  1. Minor differences in the historical PRIZM distributions for your MobileScapes extracts, resulting from the incorporation of new privacy-enhancing technologies.
  2. A higher (but still small) rate of insufficient sample size suppression for reporting workers, residents and visitors will occur, particularly when working with smaller geofences and/or shorter time periods. This is a result of the implementation of lower risk of reidentification tolerances.

We will continue to refine our compliance protocols in light of changing legislation, standards and best practices. If you have any questions or require guidance on modifying your analyses to adapt to these changes, please contact your account manager.

Questions or Comments?

If you'd like more information about these updates, please contact your Environics Analytics account manager or email our Support team at opens in new window.