How do I prepare my data for importing custom areas?

ENVISION allows users to import custom areas in two ways:

  1. A list of geographic codes to create custom areas
  2. Spatial files of existing polygons to create custom areas

To import a list of geographic codes into ENVISION:

  • The file needs to have at least one column containing the data, with at least one row containing the code for the specified geography. For example, if you were importing a list of Provinces or States, you would need to have a field that contains the specific code for that geography, rather than the name.
  • CSV is the suggested file format
  • The first row immediately after the header row must contain data
  • All special characters (@#$%^&* etc.) must be removed from the header row and file name.

An example of a typical file:
File example

To import spatial files of existing polygons into ENVISION:

  • The polygons must be from MapInfo (.TAB), Esri (.SHP), or Alteryx (.YXDB)
  • Both Esri Shapefiles and MapInfo Tab files have additional components that must be present
  • The associated files are as follows:
File Types
MapInfo Esri Alteryx
.ID .SHX