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Ranking Areas - Customers Report

Once you have imported your customers into ENVISION, the Ranking Areas - Customers report lists the number of customers you have within chosen geographies. It is a preliminary report used to understand where your customers are coming from. 

Required Inputs:

1. Use the search box or scroll through the tools to find the Ranking Areas – Customers tool.


2. Launch the tool by clicking the Play icon that appears when you hover over it.


3. The following dialog box will appear. Select Standard Geography.


4. Select Next.


5. Select the appropriate trade area.

Note: In the Area of Interest section, you will typically want to choose the area that is largest and encompasses most, if not all, of your customers. This example will use the entire country.


6. From the Geographic Area list, choose a level of geography. For example, Census Subdivision (Canada) or Minor Civil/Census County Division (US).


7. In the Customer File section, select the customer file that you wish to analyze. Expand it and click the box next to the Record Count option to get a count of the customers in each geographic area.


8. Click Create. The final report can be found in the Results page.

For more information about interpreting results for this report, please see the files listed below. 

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