How do I organize Custom and Favourite variables using ordering and categories?

Creating Custom and Favourite variables allows you easy access to the variables you use most frequently. With these selected variables, you can create reports using variables from multiple databases simultaneously. See our ENVISION Tutorial opens in new window for more information on creating and editing custom and favourite variables. Once you have variables created, return to this page to organize them.

Ordering Variables

Variables can become even more easily accessible by organizing them into an order that appeals to you most.

There are a few things to remember when doing this. First and foremost, you can only sort variables within the same category. Therefore you can sort your custom variables into a specific order, and the same goes for your favourite variables. However, you can't mix them; favourite and custom variables will be grouped together.

  1. Click My Data > Variables on the left-hand side menu of ENVISION. This will take you to the list of variables you have already created. 
  2. To change the order of your variables, hover your mouse over the Order number, then click and drag the variable to your desired position in the list. 

    Drag variables to re-order them in list

    This allows some flexibility, but you may want to organize your variables into more categories.

Categorizing Variables

ENVISION allows you to make your own variable categories to provide you with more options for organization and let you mix Custom and Favourite variables within this category.

To create these new categories, follow the steps outlined below: 

  1. Click My Data > Variables on the left-hand side menu of ENVISION. This will take you to the list of variables you have already created. 
  2. Next, select Create New and choose either Custom or Favourite. It doesn't matter which. This will open up the variable information.
  3. In the Category Name drop-down, Custom and Favourite are already present. However, you can also type in a new category name. For example, in the image below, we typed in "Test Category", and now it shows up in the list of all categories.

    Note: After typing in the name of your category, you must press the ENTER key, or it will not save.

    Configure variable category

    With this done, you can now place Custom and Favourite variables under your newly-created "Test Category" and organize them the way you prefer. In the image above (circled in blue), we have three variables under my "Test Category".

To add more variables from the list to the new category:

  1. Click on the Variable Name. This will take you to a new page.

    Click variable name in list
  2. Next, click on the Category Name drop-down and select the new category that you'd like this variable to exist within. Click Save Changes.

    Assign variable to new category

The variable has been re-categorized.