SocialValues - USA

SocialValues, produced by Environics Analytics, helps businesses and not-for-profits develop communications and merchandising strategies that speak to their customers' concerns and worldview, by revealing what matters most to them and how their values affect the purchases they make. Measuring human motivation and social relations, SocialValues is based on a nationwide survey conducted by Environics Research covering 58 major trends. The database helps users determine the mindset and motivations of their customers to better reach and serve them.

Below you will find a video (3:23 mins) that covers product details, sources, methodology, applications and key questions about this product. Watching this video will provide you with an overview of the product and give you some ideas for how it can be used in your own work.

Following the video, there are some additional resources linked for your reference: release notes, variable list, variable change list and glossary.

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