Outline: Customer Analysis

In this session, you will learn how to address common business questions, including:

  • Who are my customers?
  • Where are they coming from?
  • Who are my potential customers?

The functionality we will cover will ensure you understand how to:

  • Import a list of customers
  • Produce reports to identify markets where your customers are coming from at higher rates
  • Produce reports to identify demographic and behavioural drivers that best describe your customer list
  • Share your results with internal or external stakeholders using our microsite functionality

Self-Guided Training Best Practices

  • It is best to follow the basic training flow in the same order of the steps provided in the lessons (e.g., you may need to create an asset before you can run a report).
  • The links provided for the ENVISION Tutorials (where available) and sample data (where applicable) will open a page in the Community.  Feel free to use the sample files provided if you do not have your own data to use.
  • The links provided for the Walk-Throughs will open in ENVISION (and prompt you to log in if you haven't already) and launch our WalkMe tool to guide you through all the steps of the given task.  Pay close attention to the prompts within the walk-through.
  • Prior to starting the Self-Guided Training, please complete the Getting Started opens in new window tasks.

Sample Data

If you do not have your own customer list available, please download the files you need from our Canadian Sample Data opens in new window page.

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