Using the MoverStats - PRIZM® Profile Comparison Tool

You can use the MoverStats - PRIZM® Profile Comparison Tool to better understand movers in a particular Trade Area by analyzing their PRIZM® segments present by quarter. See the summary descriptions for the top 5 segments by count moving into your Trade Area and compare movers' segments to total Trade Area and benchmark segments.

Use the WalkMe Through below as an on-screen, step-by-step guide for the tool in ENVISION, or refer to the steps below in this article.

WalkMe Through

Inputs required:

  • A Trade Area of interest
  • A Benchmark
  1. Launch the MoverStats - PRIZM® Profile Comparison tool.

    MoverStats PRIZM Profile Comparison tool icon
  2. Click Next.

    Click next

    Tip: Click and drag a page to change their order.
  3. Select one or more Trade Areas by clicking the check mark(s) next to it.

    Select a trade area
  4. Select a Benchmark by clicking the check mark next to it. 

    Select a benchmark
  5. Click into the Select a Time Period field to select a time period for your report by quarter. Be sure to note your time period selection, as it will only appear in the long file for your report in the variable description (VarDesc) or category description (CatDesc) fields and not on the dashboard.

    Select a time period
  6. Customize the report name and click Create Dashboard. You will see a notification in the bottom-right corner indicating that your report is being created.

    Customize name and click create dashboard

Review our How-to-Read documentation opens in new window to help you interpret this dashboard report.