PRIZM QC captures the unique qualities of the lifestyles in Quebec. An extension of our PRIZM segmentation system, PRIZM QC is designed to help companies gain a better understanding of the Quebec marketplace. Its 58 segments have been optimized for Quebec and have been individually named and imaged. The social groups have also been customized to Quebec and differ from the national system due to the distinct nature of Quebec's society. The francophone PRIZM QC segments roll up to the 16 francophone PRIZM segments so that users with national customer files, as well as large numbers of customers in Quebec, can get the best of both worlds.

Below, you will find some additional resources linked for your reference: release notes, variable list and metadata.  

Additional Resources:
Our PRIZM QC product is provided at two levels of geography: FSALDU (postal code) and Dissemination Area (DA). Along with the release notes, you will see reference to the following additional resources:

  • GeoProfiles: provides counts of households for each PRIZM QC segment within specific standard geographies
  • License files: provides the look-up between the combination of FSALDU and community name (Rural Enhanced) as well as the FSALDU (Unique); these files will allow you to assign the correct PRIZM QC code to your corresponding customer lists; please note, if you also license ENVISION, our software will do this coding for you
  • Variables List and Metadata: provides definitions of each of the variables in the corresponding datasets

Release Notes

GeoProfiles Variable List
GeoProfiles Metadata
Unique Licenses Variable List
Rural Enhanced Licenses Variable List
Licenses Metadata

DA GeoProfiles Variable List
DA GeoProfiles Metadata
DA Licenses Variable List
DA Rural Enhanced Licenses Variable List
DA Licenses Metadata

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