With organizations striving to find high-value customers with the best segmentation tools, DELTA provides more choices to differentiate customers for profiling and modelling applications. DELTA is a distinct segmentation system based on key dimensions such as age, income, education, marital status and dwelling type. While PRIZM identifies 68 lifestyle types, DELTA classifies every postal code into one of 150 segments to provide finer analysis of the lifestyles and values of Canadians. The smaller DELTA segments roll up into the 68 PRIZM segments.

Below, you will find some additional resources linked for your reference: release notes, variable list and metadata.

Additional Resources:
Along with the release notes, you will see reference to the following additional resources:

  • GeoProfiles: provides counts of households for each DELTA segment within specific standard geographies
  • License files: provides the look-up between the combination of FSALDU and community name (Rural Enhanced) as well as the FSALDU (Unique); these files will allow you to assign the correct DELTA code to your corresponding customer lists
  • Variables List and Metadata: provides definitions of each of the variables in the corresponding datasets

Release Notes
Delta Quick Reference Guide
GeoProfiles Variable List
GeoProfiles Metadata
Unique Licenses Variable List
Rural Enhanced Licenses Variable List
Licenses Metadata

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