BusinessProfiles - USA

BusinessProfiles by Environics Analytics presents counts of businesses summarized by two, three, four, six and eight-digit NAICS codes for any area in the United States. The summarized counts are available for the following levels of geography:

  • Block group, census tract, county, state and USA
  • Micro and metropolitan core-based statistical areas and combined statistical areas
  • Census-designated place and minor civil division/census county division
  • ZIP code
  • Designated market area

With BusinessProfiles you can profile the business composition of an area by any NAICS code to size the market potential in terms of business-to-business sales. You can also size the number of competitors in an area by NAICS code to support new business location decisions. Summarized counts may be used in modeling applications.

Below, you will find some additional resources linked for your reference: release notes, NAICS codes, descriptions and lookup. 

Additional Resources:
BusinessProfiles Release Notes
2020 NAICS Codes and Descriptions

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