Enhanced Postal Code Conversion File

The Enhanced Postal Code Conversion File (ePCCF) provides a link between the six-digit postal code and standard census geographic areas, as well as a latitude/longitude point for each postal code. By correlating postal codes to a census dissemination area (DA), Enhanced PCCF allows marketers to easily append consumers’ locations for mapping and analysis. The ePCCF product is comprised of two files: the Unique ePCCF and the Rural Enhanced PCCF.

To ensure geocoding accuracy of rural postal codes, enhancements were made to the latest Rural Enhanced PCCF through the manual checking of locations, correcting known errors, and improving geocoding for rural postal codes. While the basic PCCF may report a single postal code representing a half-dozen rural communities, our Enhanced PCCF uses a combination of place name and postal code data to assign to each record the characteristics (and location) of the DA.

Below you will find some additional resources linked for your reference: release notes, variables lists, and metadata.

Additional Resources

Enhanced PCCF Release Notes (Opens in new tab)
Enhanced PCCF Variables List - Rural (Download)
Enhanced PCCF Variables List - Unique (Download)
Enhanced PCCF Metadata (Download)