Streets & Boundaries (Canada)

Streets and Boundaries consists of nationwide digital mapping layers from TomTom with consistent, current and complete coverage based on a master internal database that is constantly updated with new information for use with GIS systems. The TomTom files allow users to create highly accurate, publication-quality maps displaying the latest census data. With the boundary files, your data comes alive in graphic, richly featured maps. And when these best-of-breed GIS files are embedded in software tools for micromarketing, they ensure the most accurate results for a variety of geo-analytical projects. Streets & Boundaries contains census and postal (FSA) boundaries, street and network polygons, and context layers, with points of interest available as an add-on. In addition to the base product, Streets and Boundaries Plus is also available as a separate product and includes additional fields that are used for geocoding and routing.

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Streets and Boundaries

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