EVTrends is Canada’s premier database for measuring eVehicle adoption. EVTrends powered by Experian offers quarterly registrations (2019-2022) for all electric and hybrid vehicles, premium and standard classifications, as well as a complete listing of all eVehicle makes & models. Current, historical, and projected quarterly data are provided for trending and seasonal analysis or to help identify neighbourhoods that are likely to purchase eVehicles in the future.

EVTrends is updated quarterly as new vehicle registration (NVR) data becomes available from Experian. These new quarterly data are also used with select DemoStats and WealthScapes variables to project the likelihood of a new eVehicle purchase in the next or subsequent year. The projections are recalculated quarterly to reflect the expansion of vehicle registrations. EVehicle information is provided for Electric, Gasoline-Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid, and Standard & Premium themes:

Projections Score – Likelihood to buy a new eVehicle over the next and subsequent year

Projections Count – Projected number of new eVehicles to be sold over the next and
subsequent year

Quarterly Registrations – Counts of Electric, Gasoline-Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid, Standard &
Premium themes

Quarterly Make & Models – variable roster of all electric & hybrid make & models found in
total vehicles in operation (TVIO)

EVTrends provides detailed vehicle information down to the dissemination area (DA) level allowing
for trade area and segmentation analysis. With PRIZM® a more targeted approach can be taken for
campaigns or used with Environics Analytics’ other products to help describe and personify best
segments. EVTrends is available in ENVISION with custom dashboards or fulfillment files.

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