FootFall Training

Welcome to your FootFall training, which will take you through product information, how to access and use FootFall, as well as how to interpret and apply the results from your FootFall reports.

What is FootFall?

FootFall is the solution to track and compare visits to your own and competitive locations. The weekly updates use permission-based and anonymized data collected from location-enabled mobile devices combined with EA’s proprietary geofence library. The data are weighted and projected to the total population. Most retail stores, businesses, business improvement areas and recreational locations across Canada are covered. FootFall tracks visits for individual locations and overall retail banners. Reports are provided in an easy-to-use browser-based app.

For more information on FootFall, please check out our FootFall product page (opens in new tab).

How do I access FootFall?

Access FootFall through web-based access to Tableau (opens in new tab). As a licensee of this product, you will receive an onboarding email that contains your username and password.

How do I use FootFall?

After logging in to use FootFall, you'll see a set of easy-to-use dashboards with several drop-downs that allow users to select parameters specific to their analysis.

There are five tabs included in the FootFall product, as highlighted below:

FootFall tabs highlighted

The Overview tab provides details about the FootFall product, while the Foot Traffic TrendCompare Foot Traffic, and Percent Share Trend tabs contain the dynamic dashboards you will use for your analytical purposes. Finally, the FAQ tab contains our most commonly asked questions about the FootFall product.

Each dynamic dashboard has several drop-down filters that allow you to specify the data required to support your analysis.

How do I interpret the results from FootFall?

Following your filter selection, your dashboard will reflect your desired output. You can learn how to interpret your results by using our FootFall Glossary (opens in new tab).

How do I apply the results from FootFall?

  • Identify which locations have the most or least visits and how they are trending over time.
  • Identify banner and category trends and seasonal impacts.
  • Understand whether your share of total category visits is going up or down to assess competitive impacts.
  • Quantify the impact of your marketing—or your competitors’—on visits using FootFall’s weekly data.