Using the MoverStats Trends Tool

You can use the MoverStats Trends Tool to estimate the count of residential moves in and out of a specified Trade Area over time. Use this tool to get an idea of how many people or households have moved in, out, or within a Trade Area in the past year, including the net change of population or households and mover counts by quarter.

Use the WalkMe Through below as an on-screen, step-by-step guide for the tool in ENVISION, or refer to the steps below in this article.

WalkMe Through

Inputs required:

  • A Trade Area of interest
  • A Benchmark
  1. Launch the MoverStats Trends tool.

    MoverStats Trends tool icon
  2. Click Next.

    Click next

    Tip: Click and drag a page to change their order.
  3. Select one or more Trade Areas by clicking the check mark(s) next to it.

    Select a trade area
  4. Select a Benchmark by clicking the check mark next to it.

    Select a benchmark
  5. Customize the report name and click Create Dashboard. You will see a notification in the bottom-right corner indicating that your report is being created.

    Customize report name and click create dashboard

Review our How-to-Read documentation opens in new window to help you interpret this dashboard report.