Opticks Social Reports

In this article, you'll find information to help interpret your Highlights - Social reports in ENVISION; definitions for report headers and examples of what these mean.

ENVISION users can find this information without leaving the platform by clicking the "How to Read" button in the top-right corner of your reports.

The Highlights - Social reports, by Opticks Social Powered by AskingCanadians, provide a list of social media variables ranked based on the presence within a trade area, target group, or customer file. 

Count: The household population 18+ in the selected input (trade area, target group, etc.) who exhibits the behaviour.

%: The proportion of the household population 18+ in the selected input that exhibits that behaviour.

% Pen: The proportion of all people or households who exhibit that behaviour found in the selected input.

Index: Provides a measure for comparing people or households in the selected input and their likeliness to exhibit the behaviour when compared to those within the benchmark.

In the below example, 64.48% represents the proportion of the household population 18+ in the trade area (Toronto) who currently use WhatsApp. Of all current WhatsApp users, 58.43% are found in Toronto; this is the penetration rate. With an index value of 130, Toronto's household population 18+ are 30% more likely to use WhatsApp when compared to those in the benchmark.

Screenshot of Highlights Social trade area report in ENVISION