NewToCanada Reports

Captures Canadian immigration trends by country and region of origin, quantifying permanent and non-permanent residents in a specified Trade Area.

Permanent resident: Someone who has been given permanent resident status by immigrating to Canada but is not a Canadian citizen.

Temporary resident: Someone who is in Canada temporarily, like a student or foreign worker.

22Q4 to 23Q3: Most recent twelve-month period. Note that this field is updated quarterly.

22Q3 to 23Q2: Earlier twelve-month period to provide trend analysis. Note that this field is updated quarterly.

Count: Refers to the flow of incoming permanent or temporary residents in the specified time period.

%: The proportion of the total household population. Note that the total household population data is not displayed in this report.

Absolute Change: The difference in counts between the most recent and earlier reported time periods.

% Change: The difference in the count of new residents between the two time periods reported as a percentage. Red cells indicate a positive change while blue cells a negative change.

In this example, for the city of Winnipeg, and for the most recent rolling twelve-month period, 299 people were classified as permanent residents of Canada who originated from Pakistan. This made up 0.03% of the total household population of Winnipeg in this time period. The difference in the counts of permanent residents from Pakistan between these two time periods is 30 people, which accounts for a decrease of 9%.