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Enhance what you know about your visitors with mobile movement. MobileScapes is an anonymized, permission-based data service, which uses data collected from location-enabled mobile devices. Users can identify devices observed within a defined area, such as a store, public square, or on a roadway for a given date and time range. The main sources of data are opt-in location-enabled applications on mobile devices and ad exchange platforms. At present, there are approximately 100,000 mobile applications that contribute data to our MobileScapes services. At its most basic level, it provides a unique, persistent, yet anonymous, device ID, along with a date, time and latitude/longitude coordinates for each observation. It is important to note that, while the device ID is part of the source data used for building the MobileScapes product, it is excluded from any end-user delivery.

The common evening and daytime locations are inferred according to where these devices are most frequently observed during the day and at night, over the course of the most recent three month period. To protect user privacy, all observed latitude and longitude coordinates are assigned to the nearest ZIP+4.

Whether you're relying on our experts or accessing mobile data through ENVISION, you will be able to quickly analyze high volumes of complex data and enhance it by connecting it to our demographic, psychographic and lifestyle data to generate detailed visitor profiles, keep tabs on the competition and improve your site selection process.

A series of MobileScapes Trend reports are now available to provide a trend analysis for mobile movement data through the lens of Environics Analytics databases, such as Pop-Facts and PRIZM Premier. Outside of ENVISION, MobileScapes Plus offers mobile movement extracts as configured and then standardized deliveries, such as weekly reports, dashboards, or other tailored extracts.

Below are some additional resources linked for your reference: release notes and variable list.

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