PRIZM Premier

PRIZM® Premier combines demographics, consumer behavior and geographic data to help marketers understand and engage their customers and prospects. PRIZM Premier classifies every USA household into one of 68 lifestyle types, or segments, to help marketers discern their consumers' likes, dislikes, lifestyles and purchase behaviors. By segmenting consumer households, marketers are better able to identify, reach and retain their most profitable customers and tailor messages and products that resonate with them. Any customer file, list or survey can be coded with PRIZM Premier to identify profitable and sustainable opportunities.

Below you will find a video (12:03 mins) that covers product details, sources, methodology, applications and key questions about this product. Watching this video will provide you with an overview of the product and give you some ideas for how it can be used in your own work.

Following the video, there are some additional resources linked for your reference: release notes and variables list.

Additional Resources:
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