Frailty Index

The Frailty Index (FI) identifies Canadians more likely to have difficulty going about day-to-day activities in their communities due to their age, physical limitations, or health (especially conditions that are comorbidities of concern for COVID-19). Governments, health providers, retailers, restaurants, financial services, and others can support these residents in running day-to-day errands, having home delivery services available (even as business closures ease), and providing help in understanding what precautions to take to protect themselves from infection. Every six-digit postal code in Canada has a Frailty Index. We've included the following measures in this index:

  • Population 65 years and older
  • Self-reported health as poor or fair
  • Self-reported presence of physical limitations
  • Physically inactive
  • Household income
  • Prevalence of COPD, heart disease, cancer, asthma, and diabetes

Below are some additional resources linked for your reference: release notes, variable list, and metadata.

How-to-Read ENVISION Reports

Frailty Index - Executive Trade Area Report - Vulnerability

Additional Resources

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