How do Canadian and USA geographies compare?

Are you working with a cross-border business looking for geographies that are equivalent in both countries?

Are you unfamiliar with the Canadian or USA geographies?

This quick comparison chart below should allow you to understand these markets easier.

For more information, please see the Canadian Geography opens in new window and/or the USA Geography opens in new window videos, where you can find more comprehensive lists and explanations, along with sources, methodology, geographic hierarchies and applications.

Canadian and USA Geographies
Canada Code USA Code
Province PR State ST
Census Division CD County CY
Census Metropolitan Area CMA Metropolitan Core Based Statistical Area CBSA
Census Subdivision CSD City/Town PLACE
Forward Sortation Area (or Postal Code) FSA Zone Improvement Plan ZIP
Dissemination Area DA Block Group BG
Census Tract CT Census Tract CT
Dissemination Block DB Census Block CB
Census Agglomeration Area CA Micropolitan Core Based Statistical Area CBSA
Forward Sortation Areas Local Delivery Unit FSALDU Zone Improvement Plan +4 Code ZIP+4