Claritas Neighborhood Demographic Profiles

Claritas Neighborhood Demographic Profiles presents data from the 2021 Claritas Pop-Facts Demographic estimates, including our new Claritas CultureCode Supplement to Pop-Facts Demographics product, summarized by segmentation audience for the PRIZM® Premier, P$YCLE® Premier and ConneXions® systems. Claritas Neighborhood Demographic Profiles can be used for several purposes, including:

  • Determining criteria for deciding which segments to pinpoint.
  • Creating profile reports that rank demographic data by audience.
  • Identifying audiences that rank high for specific demographic criteria, such as families with children or high income Hispanic or Latino households.


  • There are approximately three times as many Claritas Household Demographic Profiles (opens in new tab) as Claritas Neighborhood Demographic Profiles. This allows marketers to develop groups of ideal customers based on a wider range of demographic data. For example, the Claritas Household Demographic Profiles product presents income profiles, whereas the Claritas Neighborhood Demographic Profiles product presents not only income profiles, but also income profiles by race and ethnicity.
  • Claritas Neighborhood Demographic Profiles are not intended to create geographic-based demographic projections.

Below you will find release notes for your reference.

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Claritas Neighborhood Demographics Profiles Release Notes (opens in new tab)