Lesson 4: MobileScapes Cross Shop Reporting

ENVISION offers the MobileScapes Cross Shop Tool for Canadian Workspaces. The tool allows users to identify visitors to multiple locations of interest. Organizations can identify loyal visitors, referred to as "exclusive visitors" in the report, and non-exclusive visitors and see where else they may be going. The tool produces two outputs: a dashboard and an extract file.


1. Make sure you have MobileScapes Extracts of more than one Geofence

i. Check ENVISION in the My Data > Customers screen for your assets

Don't have an Extract? Start here: Lesson 1: The MobileScapes Data Extract Tool

Please note: You will need a minimum of two (2) individual geofence extracts for the same time period to run a Cross Shop Report. The extract time periods must match in order to produce valid results. These can be run separately as individual extracts, as long as they are for the same time period. You can also run multiple extracts simultaneously with the "individual" option selected as shown in this screenshot:



2. Run your MobileScapes Cross Shop report

ii. Follow these guides to run your report

WalkMe Through (this will open ENVISION and require you to log in)

Run the MobileScapes Cross Shop Tool

ENVISION Tutorials (step-by-step guides hosted here on our Community)

Using the MobileScapes Cross Shop Tool


3. Analyze Your Reports

iii. Please review the How-To-Read MobileScapes - Cross Shop report to help you interpret the dashboard and CSExtract file. 


4. Profile your Cross-Shoppers

You can profile Cross Shop Extracts in ENVISION to understand the cross-shopping behaviour of individual segments or target groups. For example, if we want to understand the cross-shop behaviour of a PRIZM Segment between two geofences, we filter our competitor on Geofence A and our own location on Geofence B. This will tell us how many of our visitors from a segment or target group are cross-shopping at a specific geofence from our list.

Please note: you must run the CrossShop and generate the CSExtract file before you can create this profile. These will appear in your Results screen.

iv. Select the Profile - Customers Tool


v. Select the CSExtract file to profile and build the filter query

  1. Select the Unique_Visitors checkbox
  2. Toggle the Filter ON
  3. Build the Query
  4. Confirm the Query parameters and click "Save Filter"

B_GeofenceName corresponds to the "Left Vertical" Field in our Cross Shop Report and should be used as the "home" geofence for this type of profile. This will tell us which visitors from B went to A by PRIZM Segment (or Target Group).


vi. Select the Benchmark and click "Create Dashboard" to run the Profile.


vii. Analyze your Cross Shop Profile

As an example, our resulting profile tells us that our visitors to B_GeofenceName from Segment 05: First Class Families showed high rates for cross-shopping to the selected A_GeofenceName with an index of 332. For full instructions on interpreting a PRIZM profile, please visit: How-to-Read Profile - Customers Report (with Bar Chart)




3. Complete

viii. Congratulations, you have run a MobileScapes Cross Shop Report!

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