Outline: MobileScapes Mobile Movement Data and Reports

This course is geared towards users who have already completed some standard ENVISION training. You should complete Customer Analysis Training prior to working with MobileScapes extracts. You can find self-guided introductory sessions opens in new window or sign up for training webinars opens in new window.

In our MobileScapes training course, you will learn how to access the extensive library of EA geofences available to all licensees and how to draw a custom geofence polygon. You will also see how the resulting MobileScapes extract can be used to create dashboards in order to enhance what you already know about your visitors. You will be able to quickly analyze high volumes of complex data and supplement them by connecting to our demographic, psychographic, and lifestyle data to generate detailed visitor profiles used to understand visitors and improve the site selection process.

These lessons will help to answer the following questions:

  • How can I quantify and understand visitors to my area(s) of interest?
  • How can I understand the change in foot traffic in my area(s) of interest?
  • How can I understand the demographics, lifestyles and behaviours of visitors to my area(s) of interest?
  • How can I understand the changing demographics, lifestyles and financial behaviours of visitors to my area(s) of interest?
  • How can I understand the populations who are becoming more or less active in their movement patterns over previous time periods?

The functionality we will cover will ensure you understand how to:

  • Select or create a geofence using either a map or the pre-populated list
  • Use MobileScapes to extract anonymized lists of visitors to your area(s) of interest
  • Run and interpret MobileScapes Trend reports
  • Run and interpret MobileScapes Out & About reports

Before you begin the MobileScapes Training Course, please ensure you are familiar with the dataset by reviewing the information on the Mobile Movement product pages opens in new window.

You will also want to familiarize yourself with the MobileScapes - Glossary opens in new window.

For an overview of the MobileScapes products, please watch the following video (7:51):

Ready to get started?

Important Note!

Our MobileScapes Mobile Movement Data and Reports Course consists of three lessons. If you want to learn how to use MobileScapes Data Extracts, then start with Lesson 1 and move onto Lessons 2 and 3 to run MobileScapes Trend and Out & About reports. If you already have Trade Areas and are looking to run Out & About reports, then you can skip to Lesson 3 right away. Keep in mind, MobileScapes Out & About is licensed separately from MobileScapes ENVISION.

MobileScapes Mobile Movement Data Lessons

Lesson 1: The MobileScapes Data Extract Tool

Select from our vast library of preexisting geofences or create your own geofence, then run a MobileScapes Data Extract

Lesson 2: MobileScapes Trend Tools

Use the MobileScapes Trend tools in ENVISION to analyze MobileScapes Data Extracts and create a trend report for two different time periods

Lesson 3: MobileScapes Out & About Tools

Use the MobileScapes Out & About Tools to compare activity week over week or month over month, or versus the same time period last year

Lesson 4: MobileScapes Cross Shop Reporting

Identify visitors to multiple locations of interest

Ready to begin? Lesson 1: The MobileScapes Data Extract Tool