WorkplaceNow provides estimates of the number of workers and days worked at employment locations. Detailed estimates for all levels of Census geography allow users to see trends in employment districts, cities, regions, and user-defined geographies like trade areas. Current data can be compared with any other period, back to 2019 to put occupancy levels in perspective.

WorkplaceNow is built using aggregated and de-identified mobile movement data combined with EA demographic data, such as DaytimePop. Access WorkplaceNow’s weekly and monthly summarized data in ENVISION for convenient reporting on the geographic areas you define, or as a flat file to incorporate in your own tools. When used with EA’s BusinessProfiles database, WorkplaceNow paints a picture of which industries are moving back sooner, which are moving back later, and which ones may see longer-term changes to workplace utilization.

Note: Use particular caution in cities such as Montréal, Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo, and Fredericton. Some areas can be particularly impacted by changing commuting patterns and changes in cell tower coverage areas. If possible, use a larger study area when conducting analysis in these cities. Do not hesitate to contact Support opens in new window if the results for these areas raise questions for you.

What's New?

WorkplaceNow is now available in 2023 ENVISION Workspaces, featuring 2021 Census geography and population estimates from DemoStats 2023. Data will no longer be updated in ENVISION 2022 workspaces moving forward. In addition to the vintage update, we have implemented an enhancement that incorporates daily durations when defining common evening and common daytime locations, instead of fixed 10-minute intervals. This enhancement offers several advantages: By recording the duration of stays in specific areas, we are now better equipped to distinguish between employees who briefly pass through a location and those who spend a substantial part of their day there.

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