Why can't I find my licensed database(s) in a new 2023 workspace?

When you create a new 2023 workspace in ENVISION, some of your licensed databases may be missing. 

In most cases, the database is not yet available for the current vintage year. We release updates to our data in phases throughout the year, with some products being updated before others. Please refer to our release schedule opens in new window for details on when you can expect your databases to become available in the 2023 workspace. 

If you are working on an analysis that requires a database not available in the 2023 workspace, we suggest reverting to and keeping the same vintage year for all the products included in the analysis. You can continue to access these databases in the prior year's workspace until their release date. 

In rare cases, the database may have been turned off in your ENVISION account, or your license may have expired. If so, please get in touch with your Account Manager or our Support Team opens in new window for further assistance.