Importing Target Sets

ENVISION allows you to import your own target sets for segmentation analyses.

Use WalkMe Through to be taken through this process step-by-step in ENVISION itself. Click on the WalkMe Through button below to get started.

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Preparing File for Import

Target sets can be imported in Excel or CSV format. If using Excel, only the first sheet will be imported. Files must be less than 10 MB. 

  1. Name your file. The file name will become the target set name in ENVISION. Make sure it uses fewer than 50 characters.
  2. The file must have the following 4 columns:
    • Name: Target group name. This must be less than 250 characters.
    • Tags: Keywords used for organization in ENVISION.
    • Colour: The colour coding for the target set, in HEX format (e.g., #000000). If HEX colours are not included, colour coding will follow the same default format as the target set builder in ENVISION.
    • SegmentList: The segments included in the target set in a comma-separated list, zero-padded. No duplicates allowed.

    The values under the Tags and Colour columns can be left blank, but the columns themselves must be included.


    Once your file matches the above formatting, it can be imported into ENVISION.

Importing into ENVISION

  1. From the ENVISION home page, select Target Sets under the Import Data menu in the side panel.

    Select target sets under import data menu

  2. Drag and drop your target set file into the upload box, or click into the box to select the file.

    Upload file box

  3. Click the blue upload icon.

    Click upload icon

  4. Optionally, configure the target set file properties: Name, Description, Tags, and if it's Available in all Workspaces. Click Next Step.

    File properties

  5. You'll see a message confirming the upload. Click the My Target Sets button to be taken to the My Data section of ENVISION to view your import.

    Confirmation message

Your imported target sets can now be used in various ENVISION segmentation analysis tools.