Workplace PRIZM® Premier

Workplace PRIZM® Premier developed by Environics Analytics provides a detailed snapshot of the working population during business hours. The segmentation system is useful for marketers, real estate planners and executives to understand where their best customers work. Workplace PRIZM® Premier covers private sector workers, public sector workers, 9-to-5 workers as well as swing shift and night shift workers. It estimates the working population for all 68 Claritas PRIZM® Premier segments. It uses commuting data from the U.S. Census Bureau to allocate the working population of each PRIZM Premier segment from their home locations to their work locations.

Use Workplace PRIZM Premier to find new store locations or for advertising strategies designed to reach PRIZM Premier target groups during working hours. For example, a successful retailer with suburban locations can expand to urban locations by using Workplace PRIZM Premier to understand where their best customers work.

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