AccultuRates assigns Canada's two largest visible minority groups-the Chinese and South Asian populations-to one of six AccultuRates segments to help you understand in greater detail language, channel and behavioural preferences of these groups at the neighbourhood level. Because the composition of visible minority Chinese and South Asian households is not uniform, it is important for marketers to identify language preferences, key drivers of purchase decisions and the degree of affinity with Canada versus their homeland.

Note: AccultuRates is provided in three variations: AccultuRates (both Chinese and South Asian), AccultuRates Chinese, and AccultuRates South Asian.

Below, you will find some additional resources linked for your reference: release notes, variables lists, metadata, and glossaries.

Additional Resources

AccultuRates (Chinese and South Asian)
AccultuRates Release Notes
AccultuRates Variables List
AccultuRates Metadata
AccultuRates Glossary

AccultuRates Chinese
AccultuRates Chinese Variables List
AccultuRates Chinese Metadata
AccultuRates Chinese Glossary

AccultuRates South Asian
AccultuRates South Asian Variables List
AccultuRates South Asian Metadata
AccultuRates South Asian Glossary

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