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MoverStats estimates residential moves within Canada every quarter, allowing you to have a more up-to-date view of changing Canadian neighbourhoods. It measures the number of people and households moving in and out of each census dissemination area (DA) along with selected demographics and a PRIZM® profile of movers at their destination based on their origin.

MoverStats estimates are built using privacy-compliant, mobile movement data that capture changes in nighttime location in combination with Environics Analytics’ DemoStats database and PRIZM® segmentation system. These data are then used as inputs to models, which create estimates that represent the residential population. Access MoverStats in ENVISION to leverage easy-to-use reporting on the geographies you define or as a flat file to add these data to your existing tools.

Below are some additional resources linked for reference: release notes, FAQs, variable list, and metadata.

Additional Resources

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