Lesson 1: Create or Import Custom Areas

ENVISION allows you to create Custom Areas right in the system or, if you already have them, you can import custom areas from lists of standard geography or from GIS (Geographic Information System) spatial files.

Please feel free to follow any or all of the following lessons:

1. Create Custom Areas Around Locations

Using your previously imported locations, you can create distance or time-based trade areas.

Walk-Through (this will open ENVISION and require you to log in)

Create Trade Areas Around Imported Locations opens in new window

ENVISION Tutorials (step-by-step guides hosted here on our Community)

Creating Areas Around Locations opens in new window

2. Import Custom Areas

ENVISION allows you to import lists of standard geography or spatial files as custom areas.

3. Review Custom Areas in ENVISION

Once your area creation and/or import has been completed, your custom areas will reside in the My Data > Areas section of ENVISION. You can view the areas and properties there.

  1. Click on the My Data > Areas link

  1. Click on an Area Name from the list to view the Area Properties screen:

Understanding the properties screen:

  1. Properties - the name, description and any tags added, as well as the Available in All Workspaces toggle.
  2. Metadata - the workspace, creation and modification dates, location, type and vintage of the area
  3. Save Changes - after making any edits to the properties, save them with this button
  4. Linked Location - if you use a the Create Trade Areas Around Imported Locations, then they will be linked automatically to the corresponding location. If not, then they will have to be linked manually by clicking the link button.
  5. Map View Button - Toggle between Map and Properties view with the two buttons at the top right of the screen. While the Map View is not an analytical view of your area, it will allow you to check and make sure the area will work for your analysis (sample screenshot below)

Properties View

Map View

4. Complete

Congratulations, you now have custom areas in the My Data section of ENVISION!

If you have questions, you may want to review the Locations & Trade Areas FAQs opens in new window

Let's move on to Trade Area Analysis Reporting. Select your country version to continue: