Lesson 3: Mapping Customers

ENVISION’s mapping capability has impressive features that allow you to quickly and easily create a map that displays your customers. This tool provides the ability to view the general distribution of your customers in a dot map, view the penetration of customers in a market as a thematic map and view the patterns of concentration in a heat map.

Here is a sample of the type of map you can create from this lesson:

Customer map example

1. Watch the Mapping Customers Lesson Video

Below, you will find an overview video (3:20) that covers the customer mapping capabilities. 

2. Complete

You are now familiar with Mapping Customers in ENVISION.

Additional Resources

WalkMe Through (this will open ENVISION and require you to log in)

Create a Thematic Map of Customers opens in new window

ENVISION Tutorials (step-by-step guides hosted here on our Community)

Mapping Customers opens in new window

Mapping Glossary opens in new window

Learn about specific map design features in ENVISION.

You can now move on to Lesson 4: Mapping Segments and Target Groups.

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