Lesson 3: Mapping Customers

ENVISION’s mapping capability has impressive features that allow you to quickly and easily create a map that displays your customers. This tool provides the ability to view the general distribution of your customers in a dot map, view the penetration of customers in a market as a thematic map and view the patterns of concentration in a heat map.

Here is a sample of the type of map you can create from this lesson:



1. Watch the Mapping Customers Lesson Video

Below, you will find an overview video (3:20) that covers the customer mapping capabilities. 


2. Complete

You are now familiar with Mapping Customers in ENVISION.

Additional Resources:

WalkMe Through (this will open ENVISION and require you to log in)

Create a Thematic Map of Customers 

QuickStarts (step-by-step guides hosted here on our Community)

Mapping Customers

Mapping Glossary

Learn about specific map design features in ENVISION.


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